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Photos & Videos for Yoga Professionals & Students
It's a wrap!
It's a wrap!

Chocolako and I finished shooting for her yoga teacher training, filmed at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

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Colleen Schell - FabX Founder
Colleen Schell - FabX Founder

Welcome to Bali

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Carol Guenka
Carol Guenka

Early morning shoot at the Bali Silent Retreat

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One of the biggest assets yoga teachers need today are images that capture their style, essence, and brand.


Imagery creates connection, intrigue, excitement, and relatedness between teacher and student. The right imagery across media platforms create engagement and connection.  You have the chance now to take advantage of the beautiful Bali beauty for those images and videos that people will like, comment, and engage with.


Immersed in your training, and after weeks of intense practise, there is no better time to capture the energy, spirit, and uniqueness of you.


Take advantage of the unique and price effective offerings of Jason Moon, our experienced photographer / videographer, who has has worked with yoga teachers for the past 10 years.





  1. Yoga Branding Photoshoot Group Experience: $197 USD per person (min 3 people)


With this Photoshoot Group Experience you will have a chance to capture you in the beauty of the grounds and studios of where your training is situated.

Though you will be in a group, each person will have individual time in front of the camera per location and walk away with 20 color corrected personal photos.


The group experience is a very special one…every one supports each other to look and feel great, encourages each other to take risks to capture that really special shot, and celebrates at the end with a completion ceremony.


  • Details of the experience:

    • Number of people in a group: 3 - 5.

    • You will have the chance to have photos taken in 2 locations depending on where your training is held.

    • For each location, you can have a wardrobe change so there is an opportunity for you to have different “looks”.

  • You will receive 20 color corrected images for your use on your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, press packet, speaker photo, and any other place you will be promoting yourself digitally.



PLEASE NOTE: These spots are booked on your day off of training (usually Sundays) and will fill up fast! Book your spot now to secure a space and not miss out on this success building deal. 


***You may also book before or after your teacher training. Just remember there is a 3-person minimum for the group experience and pricing. So, grab a couple of your fellow students to get this premium offering at the beautifully discounted price. 

2. Personal Photoshoot: $350 USD per person



Utilizing the beauty of your beautiful studio, we will be able to be captured in studio and in the natural beautiful setting of Bali.


This specialized and personal experience will give you 40 color corrected images that you can use across all your digital platforms – look good and professional on Instagram, Facebook, your website, YouTube, and beyond!


Details of the experience:

  • 90 minute shoot

  • You will have the chance to have photos taken in the best spots around your studio, including indoor full body shoots with 

  • For each location, you can have a wardrobe change so there is an opportunity for you to have different “looks”.

  • You will receive 40 color corrected images for your use.


**Please note: Jason also offers photoshoots all around Bali. Click BOOK CONSULTANTION to email him about photo opportunities in the jungle, rice fields, at waterfalls, and other beautiful Bali locations.


3. One-Minute Personal Yoga Story


In this one-minute video you will get a chance to express how yoga has transformed and empowered your life.

This gives you a chance to reveal yourself in a vulnerable, authentic way and an opportunity for your new and current students to connect to you through your story.


This beautiful connection adds to the richness of a teacher/ student relationship.


Details of the experience:

  • Before the shoot, you will write a one-minute script (150 – 170 words) that shares the essence of your yoga journey.

  • You will receive a supporting document to help you craft your script, make sure it is in your voice, and share the most important aspects of your journey that will make the best connection to your audience.

  • On the day of the shoot we will record your script for the voiceover of the video and take video of you doing your practice, enjoying the your studio grounds, and capturing the beauty of Bali with you in it.


Please note that this is not an overly produced video. It is specifically for you to show yourself in your natural authentic state and leverage the beauty of your commitment to yourself and others through the practice and teaching of yoga.


If you would like, you can add a logo, music, or text to the video as well.


You will receive a beautiful, compelling video for your use on your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, press packet, and any other place you will be promoting yourself digitally.


This video goes beyond photos to really tell your story in your voice.

  1. Personal Photoshoot and One Minute Video Bundle: $575 USD (20% discount)


Want to really take advantage of your time in Bali? Book the bundle and be ready to create beautiful connections through still and moving imagery.


Receive all the benefits of the personal photoshoot and video package (#2 and #3) at a reduced cost.


Teachers Packages – Hosting a Training? We Should Talk…

A one month long teacher training is the perfect time to get some great promotional photography, not only for your future trainings but also to share with your students.  We often like to share great photography in own social media, so if we get permission from all involved then we’d like to make use of our in-house photographer.  Here’s are some of Jason packages.


One Month Photographic Package

Students love to post great photographic moments so the idea is to create a library of the experience, as well as HERO shoots for your own promotional purposes.

  • You get to custom build a weekly 2-3 hour session, approx. 12 hours of photography to cover all aspects of your training.

  • Investment:  $1495 USD / 3 hours x 4 visit  = 12 hours of coverage.   

  • * these hour can be customised to suit the coverage of your training.

Student Testimonials Package: view

  • Testimonials are a powerful marketing tool to ensure you attract students that are aligned to how you teach.

  • Receive 4 x 2.30-3minute student testimonials to capture their transformation journey for your website or social media.

  • Incorporate your logo’s and/or your name and assist you to choose your music and font group – if needed.

  • Investment:  $495 USD

20% Discount on One Month Photographic Package & Student Testimonials Package:

  • One Month Photographic Package

  • Student Testimonials Package

  • Investment:  $1850 USD

3 Minute Video Promo: view

  • Video highlights from 2 different class scenes shoot in a morning

  • Voice over the teacher

  • Investment:  $495 USD / in two half days. (3-4 hours)


ABOUT JASON MOON – Professional Photographer & Videographer

A qualified Yoga Teacher himself he knows the investment and self-belief it takes to transform not only your own life but to be a catalyst for others.

As a photographer and videographer his candid and styled Bali portfolio showcase world-class yoga teachers from around the globe.

His talent to capture without imposition the vulnerability, spiritual aspirations, strength and love, aliveness, humanness and focus of his subjects is palpable. He comments “each subject, or group of people brings a direction and intention with them, as them, rendering each and every one unique.”

Known for manipulating natural light and offering a raw and honest approach to creative direction he knows how to shoot in the tropics, with beatufiul gardens, architecture and studio’s intimately. 

As visiting yogis, healers and wellness advocates you have a special opportunity to befriend and work with Jason allowing him to work on creating a tactile sense of who you are how you show up on the mat.



Some praise from my clients…


“Working with Jason has helped me to recognize that the visual perspective I have in marketing requires the expertise of someone like Jason to enhance the quality of letting people see what they are most interested in. 


He practices yoga. So, his perspective of giving and receiving comes from practicing and being in the flow. 


He sees things through his lenses that I can only see myself when he sends me rough drafts to be edited and then the finished products, and yes I use the word a lot, but truly his work is amazing. 


I’m OK being in front of people but in front of a camera can be challenging for me and Jason either makes me very comfortable with what we are doing or I actually don’t really know that he’s there. 


Further, we have worked together a few times now and he really gets what I am about and my offerings and he has the ability to capture those things with me and the videos we produce together. 


When he says, “Les try this or that”, I know that he sees something I don’t see and I trust his skills to go there. 


As I continue to create more online video content, I am grateful that I get to do that work with Jason.”


 Les Levanthal, Global Yoga Teacher and Presenter:


“Working with Jason is a dream...a true collaboration.  


He has the ability to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin and story.  


Jason's innate ability to see the real you and to ask questions that invite you to share exactly what you intend, allow your story to unfold through word, sound, and image.   He approaches his work with care and passion, ensuring the final product reflects who you are.  


I was genuinely touched by what Jason created and cannot wait to collaborate together again.”     


Heather Evans, Yoga Teacher,


“Over the years that I’ve known Jason, he has impressed me not only with his talented eye for capturing beautiful images and making one feel at ease in front of the camera, but also his generosity of time and keen effort in endeavoring to capture high quality material that really tells one’s own authentic story.”     


 Simone MacKay, Director & Co-Founder of