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My Yoga Story

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I really got into yoga living in Auckland, New Zealand after tearing a hamstring in a triathlon.  I felt I needed something to strengthen my core and I soon became a regular at the City Yoga.  Slowly I saw the benefits of being flexible, but how awesome I felt focusing in on breath and movement.  A big part of moving to Bali was the growing Yoga scene, and I was able to combine my work in video into the yoga world.


Becoming a Yoga Teacher is a big deal  I know, as I have it done it myself.  It takes a huge amount of investment and self belief to transform not only your own life but to be a catalyst for others.  


As someone who has been in your shoes and worked with new and experienced yoga teachers behind the camera, I understand how vulnerable you may feel stepping into the light and in front of the lens.   


I’m here to take put you at ease, take you through a process that showcases your best self, and deliver photos and videos that reflect your values and essence as a yoga teacher.  When you look at your images, you get to see why you chose this journey of self-improvement and took this path to be in service to others.


This is a significant part of your life so let your imagery reflect it.   Whether you are a new or experienced teacher it’s often overwhelming to be the center of attention.  My intentions are to create something that looks spectacular, accessible, and personal.   It lights me up when I get to work with yoga teachers that are on this journey of self-transformation.    I want to be able to provide an experience that brings out the best in you so you can shine your light by being your true self.   I’d like to congratulate you on the purposeful life you have chosen.


I hope I get the honour of capturing you and giving you beautiful images and videos that empower your success, engage your audience and students, and make you feel proud of where you have come. 

I  have done a foundation training with Cat Kabira in Bali and immersion workshops with Mark Whitwell in Fiji and blessed to experience the amazing international teachers that have come to Island.  

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