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About Me


I have been in media all my life. I love the power of photos, videos, and sound to create emotion, connection, and joy. 


For the past 10 years, I have been capturing the beauty of yoga teachers on their path of learning and growing their genius and positively impacting hundreds of people along the way. 


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my clients’ faces when they see their photos and video for the first time.


In New Zealand, I worked as a field director and reporter for TV and produced spoken features stories for Radio New Zealand.  During my on-air tenure I even had the honour to interview the Dali Lama! 


Through this journey of interviewing amazing people, I have refined my ability to make people feel at ease in front of the camera so they put their best foot forward and open up with authenticity, aliveness, and love.


This creates stunning imagery and videos. Ones that are unique to each individual.  

Other things that light me up… 

  • Playing guitar and singing my heart out around a campfire.

  • Surfing, seems like I'm forever looking for the perfect wave.

  • Personality – I’m a people person! I enjoy working with others and all aspects of helping people and organisations to craft and share their information and stories.

  • I provide a broad range of video, interview and production on services.  My work/clients include Radio New Zealand, Asian Downunder - TVNZ, Air New Zealand (Travel Series), Independent Documentaries, The Yoga Barn(Bali), Desa Seni Wellness Retreat (Bali), Online Education for Yoga Teachers and health facilitators, Daily Yoga(Chinese based international yoga app), Yoga Ground Wanaka, Morefit (back support device).

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