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Some praise from my clients…

“Working with Jason has helped me to recognize that the visual perspective I have in marketing requires the expertise of someone like Jason to enhance the quality of letting people see what they are most interested in. 


He practices yoga. So, his perspective of giving and receiving comes from practicing and being in the flow. 


He sees things through his lenses that I can only see myself when he sends me rough drafts to be edited and then the finished products, and yes I use the word a lot, but truly his work is amazing. 


I’m OK being in front of people but in front of a camera can be challenging for me and Jason either makes me very comfortable with what we are doing or I actually don’t really know that he’s there. 


Further, we have worked together a few times now and he really gets what I am about and my offerings and he has the ability to capture those things with me and the videos we produce together. 


When he says, “Les try this or that”, I know that he sees something I don’t see and I trust his skills to go there. 


As I continue to create more online video content, I am grateful that I get to do that work with Jason.”

Les Levanthal, Global Yoga Teacher and Presenter:


“Working with Jason is a dream...a true collaboration.  


He has the ability to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin and story.  


Jason's innate ability to see the real you and to ask questions that invite you to share exactly what you intend, allow your story to unfold through word, sound, and image.   He approaches his work with care and passion, ensuring the final product reflects who you are.  


I was genuinely touched by what Jason created and cannot wait to collaborate together again.”     

Heather Evans, Yoga Teacher

“Over the years that I’ve known Jason, he has impressed me not only with his talented eye for capturing beautiful images and making one feel at ease in front of the camera, but also his generosity of time and keen effort in endeavoring to capture high quality material that really tells one’s own authentic story.”     

Simone MacKay

Director & Co-Founder of  www.School of Sacred Arts

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