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Before embarking on doing a video it pays to do some research before finding the right person to assist you.  Whether it's just part of the production you need to get clear on what and whey and for whom your video is for.  Also how you'll get the video out there!  I get quite a few first time clients asking me these first two questions.  When are you free and how much do you charge.  Before I even get to the answer I usually fire back these questions.  

Do you have any links of similar work that you have in mind for your own video?

How long would you like your video to be?

Is shooting in Bali relevant to the film?

Can you show my any other videos that you've done?

Do you have a link to your website?

From there I can gauge what kind of production value they're likely require and can get clearer on the scope of their project.  From there we can set up an initial 45minutes online consult, with the aim of getting something in writing to the client.  

Another more general way of pricing work is by hour.  This give both of us room to test out the waters through each step of production.  The work that I within the yoga industry in package here 

I hope this helps.  

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